The Grunau Family

Friday, June 20, 2008

I suck....

So I really suck at posting on this blog! I am fully addicted to facebook and put a lot of pictures on there, so if you're not on there yet join up if you want to see new pictures more frequently.

But for now here's some new(er) pictures of Libby!

Here we are at the Calgary Zoo, rubbing the belly of the hindu elephant god!

Self portrait of the Grunau family... aren't we cute!

Libby did a lot of pointing at the zoo. "See! See! Look!" was all we heard.

Libby's first Pony tail!! She finally has enough hair!

Well that's all for now I'll try to get better at this, but if your sick of checking and seeing nothing become my friend on facebook! (mom and dad- I'll show you how to do it) :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Easter Pics

Here are some pictures of Libby from Easter at the Grunau farmLibby sitting pretty

Libby in her new pretty Easter dress

Our little model... this is her serious pose. I like to call this one "innocence"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life or something like it

Sorry to all for not posting sooner, I'm not even sure if anyone is checking this anymore. On that note I have found a very handy little tool for checking blogs. It's called google reader and you can subscribe to different blogs and google reader will check them for you and let you know when there are new posts. It's a great tool, and has saved me a lot of time from running around the internet checking people's blogs.

But back to my blog. We have been so busy since I last wrote. I was working at YFC to help with the Cal-Break trip and towards the end I was there usually 2-3 days a week! It was pretty nuts and there were times that I brought Libby with me, but she was great. She would watch movies on the computer screen and she also visited a lot of the staff.

For the spring break Daryl went on Cal-Break for 10 days and Libby and I headed off to Alberta to see my family. I found a great seat sale, so I flew to Edmonton. Libby did really well on all the flights.... not super easy to keep an almost 2 year old seating on your lap for over an hour, but in the end we both survived. We had a great time with family and I even got to see my friend Crystal, who I haven't seen forever!

Daryl had a great time in California. He loved his bus and the kids were all awesome. There are some pretty "interesting" pictures of him on facebook if you want to check them out.

Now we are still in crazy mode. Daryl is busy editing the Cal-break video. He is overseeing the project as well as doing a few segments in it. Basically we won't see much of him until May. he really enjoys doing this stuff and it gives him a creative outlet.

Libby has decided to start waking up in the middle of the night (since Alberta actually....), so that's been awesome. I know there are a lot of moms out there who will have no sympathy for me since there 16 year olds are still waking up in the middle of the night, but I don't care.... I am still going to complain! It is my blog after all!
Since the whole waking up thing, I have been exhausted and I think Daryl is starting to get annoyed with his wife being in bed by 9:30 every night.
The newest thing to hit the homefront is that Libby is sick. Yesterday she surprised me with puking on me, her and the couch (I now understand the need for leather furniture). Since then she has had the rankest diapers and a fever. She spent most of last night in our bed which basically means that daryl and I got no sleep.
So that's our life in a nutshell.
Tonight I'm going to bed at 8.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pictures from Manitoba

Here's a few pics from our trip to Manitoba. We had to find some things to do when it was so cold outside.

On the drive there, Libby REALLY wanted to look at my magazine (like screaming, crying, wanting), so I let her. She sat there for about an hour just looking through it. I guess I need to get a Maclean's subscription! It definitely helped the car ride!
Here Daryl and Libby are playing in the fort that they built at the cabin. They had a lot of fun and the blanket made their hair very staticy. (I know that's not really a word but it just seemed to be the one that I needed to use). Notice that Libby's pigtails are already longer that the last post! That was only a couple weeks ago, but I feel like her hair is thicker now already!
This is Libby right after her bath....they had the perfect sized towels, so I thought I would have some fun! I think she looks adorable!

Oh, I also just wanted to tell you all a valuable lesson Libby learned during her week in Manitoba. She discovered that you can wave for BOTH "hi" and "bye"! It's like a whole new world has been opened up for her. Before she would only wave bye, but now she has the option to do it for both!! She has been ecstatic with this new revelation! Oh to see the world through a child's eyes and to see the joy they get from the littlest things.


We finally got our mac here (we ordered it Wednesday night and it came on Monday already.... how fast is that!!)
This is actually only the second time that I have touched the computer. We've been
super busy, and Daryl has been doing a lot of designing, plus just getting this computer to be the same as our old one.
So here are some pictures of our last few months.

Here we are at the Queen Elizabeth Community Association Holiday Fest. It was a lot of fun, but it was super cold so we didn't do any of the outside stuff. Here Libby is decorating her gingerbread man.... she really liked eating the gum gums. This was in the beginning of December.

Here is our tree all decorated for Christmas... Libby was feeling a little left out, so we started to decorate her too! She loved it and was very proud of her ribbon.

Notice her hair length here... it's still pretty short, and this is in the middle of December.

We spent the first part of Christmas at the Grunau farm. It was so wonderful to spend time with the family. I'm not used to having siblings (I'm an only child for those of you who don't know), and I really love it! It was great to visit and catch up! The nicest part was being able to see our niece, Taylor! Libby and Taylor LOVED playing together and they were very entertaining. They were so silly all the time it was hilarious!
This picture was taken on Christmas morning, right after the girls woke up.

Here is Libby just 6 weeks after Christmas and her hair is much longer! Sorry that the pictures of her pigtails aren't that great, but it's pretty hard to get her to keep her head still long enough to get a good picture. But now that we can download pictures from our camera (we only had 8 more pictures available on there!), I'll try harder to get a good pic!

So there are some pics to make up for the lack of pictures lately... thanks for being so patient!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pictures coming soon??

Well last night, Daryl ordered our pretty new (well refurbished.. so new to us) macbook. Which means that fairly soon we will have all of our pretty little pictures available to us! So stay tuned for pictures of what all's been going on in our lives!

The week that would not end

Okay, maybe I'm being over dramatic, but the Grunau family has officially learned their lesson when it comes to the land east of us. I feel that I need to make a little side comment here before I tell you about our week in Manitoba.
On a whole, Manitoba HATES us! That cute, little province, our next door neighbors bites us in the butt every time we have gone there. We are continually screwed over by that land!

And the week we went did not disappoint. We drove to Elkhorn resort on Saturday, and the weather was beautiful! It was perfect driving weather and we had a great drive. We arrived at the resort just before supper, so we had time to check out the resort, find our cabin and get settled in before we ate supper. On the first night everything was looking promising. Our cabin was really nice and had everything we needed. The resort looked nice and there was a lot of outdoor things to do. But then we woke up the next day and for the next 4 days it was FREEZING! It was constantly around -35 (with the wind chill) from Sunday until Wednesday. So obviously we couldn't go outside with Libby, so we spent ALOT of our time in the cabin, playing games, eating, sleeping and watching TV (good ol' HGTV). We also went to the indoor swimming pool a few times. Libby liked the water, and she even liked the lifejacket we bought her. We had planned to go to Brandon (an hour away), but after a snapped block heater cord we
couldn't get our car started (which just aggravated the feeling of being trapped). Thankfully my friend Alissa was able to come and see us (it was so great to see her again!!). We were even more frustrated when we saw the weather channel proclaiming that Saskatchewan and Alberta was nice and mild! Were we ever thankful that we had come to Manitoba to escape 'chilly' Saskatoon! ARGH!
The day before we were leaving it was only around -8ish so we went outside and played. Libby loved the playground. Thankfully most of it was made out of heavy plastic, I kept having visions of Lilbby's tongue stuck to the monkey bars. She especially loved the slide (which she calls 'weee'). We also went tobogganing and Libby really liked that too! Of course we had to start half way down the hill....she didn't even like it when Daryl started at the top by himself! And we also walked around giving Libby a bit of a sled ride. So it was a really nice LAST day there...stupid Manitoba.
Oh well, all in all it was still nice to get away and be unplugged from the world. We had a fun time hanging out as a family and just enjoying each other.
Next year though, I think we'll head out to Alberta.... IT doesn't seem to hate us as much!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Completely unrelated

On a completely unrelated topic to the post below, Libby's hair now fits in pigtails. Actually she could have worn them a long time ago, but now they don't look dorky! She is so cute, and I think she looks a lot older now. She's not my baby anymore... she's my little toddler, complete with tantrums (it is really hard not to laugh at her... except when we're in public, then I just turn red).

Oh well, I guess we're just winding up for the world of the two year old!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Man, I cannot believe how much it has been snowing lately! I am noticing all of this for a variety of reasons....
-we now have to shovel our own sidewalks and driveway (at our townhouse it was all done for us... I now realize I never said thank-you enough!!)
-Our driveway is WAY bigger than at our townhouse (we can fit 4 cars in the back)
-Our wiper blade sucks on the Corolla, so I can't just wipe away the snow off the windshield. Even if it's just a light 'dusting' I have to pull out the brush.... pretty annoying.
- We are running out of room to put the snow... we can only have our driveway so narrow.

Oh well, it is still beautiful, and supposedly we are supposed to get to above zero for the next few days (I'll believe it when I see it). It also doesn't help that lately I have known many people who are escaping to the warm climates of Mexico, Australia and the life's rough for some people.

The Grunau family is also off on a vacation soon. Yes it is a resort, yes there is a pool and a hot tub, and yes there is a golf course. Problem is you would have to shovel the 8 feet of snow to find your little white ball! In the Grunau household we escape the Saskatchewan winter blues by going to northern Manitoba! That's right, Daryl, Libby and I will be in a quaint little cabin (3 bedrooms, full kitchen, living room, fireplace, 2 baths) for a week! We'll be roughing it all right! There will be lots to do though... plenty of outdoor activities and there is an indoor pool and hot tub as well. We are really looking forward to spending some family time together away from all the busyness of life. I think it'll be a lot of fun! It reminds me of when I went to my best friends cabin all the time in Hay River. Lots of time talking, playing games and great food (hopefully my cooking won't be compared to Mrs. Forbes' though.. I wouldn't stand a chance!)

I think it will be a great time, but hopefully we won't get cabin fever and start going crazy.... Is anyone else thinking about the Simpson's episode where they're at a cabin and they have no TV or beer. "No TV and Beer makes Homer go crazy...." YIKES! I'm sure we'll be fine though... we have TV after all... and a dvd player.... and we stocked up on snacks.... we'll be fine... I think....

Let you know how it all goes.... if we survive that is!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And they're off.....

So this week has been very busy, and I have a ton of stuff to do, but I would be going against my own nature if I didn't procrastinate a little!
So tomorrow morning I am off to Edmonton for the Breakforth conference. I am going with 9 other people from my church for the weekend.
So where does that leave my family... that's right, they will be staying at home for the weekend. Daryl will be playing 'mommy' and 'daddy' all weekend. I know he'll do a great job, but he's never been left with her alone for so long before.
It'll be interesting to see how it all goes, especially since Libby is now a festering, bacteria filled, snot gushing, petri dish of viruses right now. Have fun Daryl!!
Well I am going to go start packing, well at least pull out the duffel bag... maybe. Who am I kidding, I am going to go have a nap. It's tiring wiping snot all day!